Practice Schedule

Dear badminton friends and enhusiasts!
Summer 2017 is coming soon together with our summer trainings. Training period during previous summers in Badminton Academy Odense turned out to be extremely successful and effective. As we host many foreign, international and Danish high profile players, our training environment is professional, high-qualified and well organized.The summer training period is officially starting on 1st of July and is done on 31st of August. As all the years before, players decide themselves when they want to come and participate in training process.

Schedule of all the weekly trainings:

  • 6-7 trainings (1 day recovery is recommended/if needed)
  • 2 badminton sessions per day
  • Strength trainings (Fitness)
  • Physiotherapy if needed (small amount of payment)
  • 1 day – 450,00 DKK (60 EUR)
  • 2 weeks – 5.000,00 DKK (670 EUR)
  • 3 weeks – 7.000,00 DKK (940 EUR)
  • 4 weeks – 8.000,00 DKK (1075 EUR)

*(1 week of trainings means: 7 x 450,00 DKK = 3.150,00 DKK or 7 x 60 EUR = 420 EUR)*

Prices include ONLY training and accommodation. Food IS NOT included in the price.

Daily life during summer trainings:
Players who are coming to Badminton Academy Odense will be staying in apartments close to the badminton hall and city center where they will be able to prepare and cook their own meal.

The deposit of 100 EUR is required every week that players stay and it should be paid with the final registration for the summer trainings.
The rest NEEDS to be paid 4 weeks before arriving to Badminton Academy Odense.

If there are any other questions, feel welcome to ask.
You can contact me on e-mail: or mobile: +45 31 68 50 05.

Hope to see you also in summer 2017!

Kind Regards, Lennart Engler