Player experiences with BAO


“I really enjoyed the camp, in our free time to went to the zoo, the shops and wondered round Odense. we cooked different meals and it was a great experience. we met lots of new people from different countries and there were lost of funny moments.”
(Alice, 14 years)

“I really enjoyed the camp, the training was very good. In our free time we went to the zoo, went
shopping and looked around Odense. Cooking for ourselves was fun, we were able to do a couple of different meals that were easy to cook. We met lots of new people from different countries.”
(Rachel, 16 years)

“I thought the camp was really beneficial and I had a great time! Although it was sometimes hard to cook for ourselves we managed to make easy meals each night. In our spare time we looked around Odense, went shopping, the zoo and one night we went out for tea! Everyone was really nice and we met lots of new people, there were many funny moments and we had many jokes with Lennart!”
(Maria, 15 years)

“I thought the training was tough but good fun. We went to the gym, had a look around Odense and chilled in our rooms in our spare time. Cooking was good fun, it was good to learn how to do something without relying on our parents to do it for us. It was good meeting and playing with other players that you wouldn’t usual train with, and the people were really nice. As I said, the training was good fun, and Lennart was always up for a laugh!”
(Rachel, 15)

“The camp was really good. In my spare time we spoke to the other players in the house and went out and explored Odense and sometimes just rested in the house, the cooking was good as the other players helped us make new things and met a lot of friends and new people and was a good experience, everyone was so friendly and the coaches and players helped to make the camp a great one and the training was really good.”
(Scott, 17)