In Badminton Academy Odense we provide accommodation around city center, where
everything is about 10-12 minutes walking away from the badminton hall. (Address of the hall: Gothåbsgade 4-6)
We do the accommodation plan one month before the players come.

We have three big houses with 3 up to 10 rooms in each apartment. In every apartment is kitchen and bathroom that players need to share.

It includes everything for cooking (pans, cooking pots, plates,…)and the cooking stove is electric based. Players are able to cook and bake there during all day.

There can be some bedrooms that some players might share during the staying. Everyone gets a bed with pillow and blanket. We recommend that players bring their own bed sheets.

Players are normally taking shower in the hall, but there are also showers in the apartments, which can be used.
Toilet paper, etc. is always there.

Every apartment has 1-2 washing machines that players can use. To make it easier during summer, we make laundry plan (time schedule), so everyone gets a chance to wash their clothes.

Every house also has free internet and also the rules, which help us to keep everything clean and organized:

(Example of the rules in one of the apartments)

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