Badminton College Odense

Launcing of Badminton College Odense – BCO

In November 2013 the idea about starting BCO was born. There has been a lot of research the last 2 month and now we are ready to implement the new College in cooperation with Badminton Academy Odense. The first step are already done and it look´s like the start will be with 6 players from Summer 2014. We can still manage to have 2 players more on the BCO.

Capacity Start 2014: 8 Players – still 2 free
Capacity Start 2015: 8 Players – still 2 free
Capacity Start 2016: 8 Players – still 1 free

We start with 9 Grade in School. Then Players can go to 10 Grade or continue to the Gymnasium or Business School. We have strong relations to the school and there are close- and strong cooperation between school and BCO and BAO.
Players can have the full education in Odense. From 9 class to Gymnasium.

Danish School in Odense:
In Odense we have a strong Cooperation with Hjalleskolen. That´s one of the Sportshighschool in Odense – check out the homepage here

International School In Odense:
We have an cooperation with the International School in Odense – check out the Homepage  here

University Odense:
When you go to University – you will be transferred to BAO. check out the University´s Homepage here

Typical day for BCO student´s

Monday 1 session Badminton / 1 session Weights
Tuesday 2 session Badminton (1 morning session)
Wednessday 1 session Badminton / 1 session Weights
Thursday 2 session Badminton (1 morning session)
Friday 1 session Badminton
Sunday 1 session Badminton / 1 session Weights

Dayli Living:
Players/student are living in houses or apartments where they are going to cook their own food. They are going to Clean the house/apartment by them self. There will be 1 meeting every week in the house, where we talk about values / rules in the house. Goals for the house. There will always be a adult to call if things go wrong. All Houses/Apartments are in walking distance to the Hall where we are practicing.