About Badminton Academy Odense

Badminton Academy Odense is a professional badminton center for elite badminton players. The academy is a Badminton Europe certified training center (CTC). Badminton Europe’s requirements for the CTC’s contains the following:

  • The venue is dedicated for national team training
  • A group of players that can compete at European level
  • There is training of the national team at least 5 times per week
  • High class experts are affiliated to the centre
  • Other facilities, like gym, are available
  • There is organisational staff to facilitate the proper training environment
  • To be willing to accept players on conditions agreed in advance between the Certified Training Centre and Badminton Europe

You can read more about CTC’s here.

The academy is established in cooperation with Odense Badminton Klub and much training takes place in Odense Badminton Hall.